Crankset with Chain Guard (1x11-speed)
  • pretty_bullet.png Enjoy riding through the urban environment with smooth and consistent pedaling
  • pretty_bullet.png Keep smooth rotation under various condition
  • pretty_bullet.png 46-32T closer gear ratio
  • pretty_bullet.png 42T for frequent stopping and going/ optimal urban gearing
  • pretty_bullet.png Drivetrain options for every cityscape
  • pretty_bullet.png Clean, simple design with reliable performance
  • pretty_bullet.png Long life with anti rust material
  • pretty_bullet.png Designed for casual riding attire
  • pretty_bullet.png Integrated chain guard
  • pretty_bullet.png Minimalist Appeal
  • pretty_bullet.png Appearance that shows a sense of unity between the bike and its components
  • pretty_bullet.png Balance between design shape and structure weight
  • pretty_bullet.png Crank arm length: 170, 175mm
  • pretty_bullet.png Gear combination: 42T