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Explore the fun of mountain biking

Control the bike as you wish!

New ALTUS M2000 series will adopt the DNA of ALIVIO / ACERA MTB spec. for support of first time off road riding experiences. ALTUS M2000 comes with various features to realize bike geometry that allows for good control on the bike, stress free shifting & braking to control the bike as you wish. The new ALTUS M2000 offers upgraded features for recreational riding.

Quick View FD-M2000-DS3_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041362.png FD-M2000-DS3

Down Swing Front Derailleur (3x9-speed)

Quick View FD-M2000-DS6_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041364.png FD-M2000-DS6

Down Swing Front Derailleur (3x9-speed)

Quick View FD-M2000-TS3_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041366.png FD-M2000-TS3

TOP SWING Front Derailleur (3x9-speed)

Quick View FD-M2000-TS6_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041368.png FD-M2000-TS6

TOP SWING Front Derailleur (3x9-speed)

Quick View RD-M2000_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041442.png RD-M2000


Quick View SL-M2000-L_Left_Seriescolor_1200-900_v1_m56577569831054368.png ALTUS RAPIDFIRE PLUS SHIFT LEVER (3X9-SPEED)

RAPIDFIRE Plus Shift Lever (3x9-speed)

Quick View SL-M2000-R_R_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041480.png SL-M2000-R

RAPIDFIRE Plus Shift Lever (3x9-speed)

Quick View FC-M2000_40-30-22_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041320.png ALTUS CRANKSET (3X9-SPEED)

Crankset (3x9-speed)

Quick View CS-HG201-9_11-32_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041296.png SHIMANO HG CASSETTE SPROCKET (9-SPEED)

HG Cassette Sprocket (9-speed)

Quick View CN-HG53_600x450_v1_m56577569830637206.jpg SHIMANO HG53 Super Narrow HG Chain (9-speed)

9-Speed Chain