HOLLOWTECH ll Crankset (2x11-speed)
  • pretty_bullet.png Solid pedaling efficiently without loss
  • pretty_bullet.png New 3D composite chain ring's teeth composition is optimized for each chainwheel load out
  • pretty_bullet.png Balance of strength and lightweight by 2pcs crank construction
  • pretty_bullet.png Improved driving rigidity
  • pretty_bullet.png Close ratio gear combination for minimum shifting gap and maintaining rhythm (FC-M7000-11-2)
  • pretty_bullet.png Enhanced chain retention (FC-M7000-11-1)
  • pretty_bullet.png Better sealing and better rotation
  • pretty_bullet.png Small ball bottom bracket
  • pretty_bullet.png Crank arm length: 170, 175mm

Product Specs

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Series SLX
Crank Construction HOLLOWTECH II Technology
4-Arm Chainrings 4arms
Chainring Sizes "38-28T 36-26T 34-24T"
Crank Arm Length 170, 175mm
Bottom Bracket BB-MT800/BB-MT800-PA
Chain Line 48,8
Average Weight 788.7g (28-28T) 761.4g (36-26T) 739.8g (34-24T)