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Ride in Style

CLARIS R2000 series is designed at a price point for new riders. The CLARIS riding style is not race oriented, but designed for easy rides around town but has the durability to handle a long tour.  Ride in style with casual clothes and relieve your daily stress with a smile. CLARIS R2000 has a sporty design but it function promises the opportunity of comfortable and casual riding or for daily use to the store and back.

Quick View BL-R2000_R_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041256.png BL-R2000

Dual-Pivot Brake Lever

Quick View BR-R2000_F_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041274.png BR-R2000

Dual-Pivot Brake Caliper

Quick View FC-R2000-CG_50-34T_Seriescolor_1200-900_v1_m56577569831054238.png R2000 CRANKSET (2X8-SPEED)

Crankset with Chain Guard (2x8-speed)

Quick View FC-R2000_50-34_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041344.png R2000 CRANKSET (2X8-SPEED)

Crankset (2x8-speed)

Quick View FC-R2030-CG_50-39-30_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041346.png FC-R2030-CG

Crankset with Chain Guard (3x8-speed)

Quick View FC-R2030_50-39-30T_Seriescolor_1200-900_v1_m56577569831054240.png CLARIS CRANKSET (3X8-SPEED)

Crankset (3x8-speed)

Quick View FD-R2030-F_STD_S1_1200x900_v1_m56577569831055248.gif FD-R2030-F

Front Derailleur (3x8-speed)

Quick View FD-R2030-B_Seriescolor_1200-900_v1_m56577569831054295.png FD-R2030-B

Front Derailleur (3x8-speed)

Quick View RD-R2000-GS_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041448.png RD-R2000-GS

Rear Derailleur (8-speed)

Quick View RD-R2000-SS_Seriescolor_1200-900_v1_m56577569831054322.png CLARIS REAR DERAILLEUR (8-SPEED)

Rear Derailleur (8-speed)

Quick View SL-R2000-L_STD_S1_1200x900_v1_m56577569831055250.gif SL-R2000-L

RAPIDFIRE Plus Shift Lever (2x8-speed)

Quick View SL-R2000-R_STD_S1_1200-900_v1_m56577569831041492.png SL-R2000-R

RAPIDFIRE Plus Shift Lever (2x8-speed)