Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever (2x11-speed)
  • pretty_bullet.png Quick and intuitive rear shifting operation
  • pretty_bullet.png Shorter lever stroke
  • pretty_bullet.png Redesigned internal shifting unit
  • pretty_bullet.png Lighter front shifting operation
  • pretty_bullet.png Redesign front system with new front derailleur
  • pretty_bullet.png Comfortable grip and operation
  • pretty_bullet.png More customizable and precise lever position
  • pretty_bullet.png Expanded reach adjustment range (14 mm) Mechanical Brake
  • pretty_bullet.png Consistent braking performance in any condition
  • pretty_bullet.png Easy brake control Hydraulic Brake

Product Specs

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Front Shifting 2
Shift Cable Casing OT-SP41
Shift Cable Polymer coated