• pretty_bullet.png E-MTB dedicated crank set
  • pretty_bullet.png w/o Chain Guide only
  • pretty_bullet.png 34T, 38T option for 10s and 11s
  • pretty_bullet.png Crank options
  • pretty_bullet.png Hollow crank arm
  • pretty_bullet.png HOLLOWTECH ll type BB axle
  • pretty_bullet.png Lightweight and rigidity
  • pretty_bullet.png 2 options on the grade of price
  • pretty_bullet.png Plus or minus on the gear
  • pretty_bullet.png Dynamic Chain Engagement (DCE) with teeth shape to prevent chain drop for dedicated E-MTB (TBD)
  • pretty_bullet.png Compatible with chain line 50 and 53mm
  • pretty_bullet.png Chain management
  • pretty_bullet.png Chainring
  • pretty_bullet.png Same profile as SM-CRM81 (DEORE XT)
  • pretty_bullet.png Chain device
  • pretty_bullet.png Drive unit direct mount type (53mm CL)
  • pretty_bullet.png Frame mount type (50mm / 53mm CL)
  • pretty_bullet.png Crank arm length: 170, 175mm