RAPIDFIRE Plus Shift Lever/Brake Lever set (Triple)

  • pretty_bullet.png Precise/consistent shifting performance
  • pretty_bullet.png Lightoperation force, ergonomic shift/brake lever shape
  • pretty_bullet.png Best balance of Shift Lever/Brake Lever cable routing
  • pretty_bullet.png Noiseless bumper stopper
  • pretty_bullet.png Quick/ fast assembly system
  • pretty_bullet.png Pre-assembled clamp band fixing blot
  • pretty_bullet.png Visible Optical Gear Display to confirm the gear position with number at a glance

Product Specs

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Model Number ST-EF65
Series Non-Series
Shift Lever Type EZ-fire Plus
Cassette Compatibility 7/8/9-speed SIS
Front Shifting No
Instant Release No
Multi Release No
2-way Release No
Optical Gear Display Yes
Shift Cable Casing OT-SP40
Shift Cable Option
Reach Adjuster Yes
Cable Adjuster Yes
Brake Compatibility HRB/Canti brake V-brake*
Brake Lever Size 2 finger/4 finger*
SERVO WAVE Action Power Adjuster No