Shimano Transit: Stylish Yet Uncompromising Cycling Gear


Do you like to use your bike for city trips or light off-road routes, but would rather not spend the entire day in Lycra? Then with Transit, Shimano has the solution for you. The Shimano Transit clothing and shoes line means you will enjoy all the benefits of top-grade cycling gear, yet with a much more stylish appearance.


The Transit collection comprises garments that are specifically made for cyclists but that do not look like it. So you can comfortably use the elegant clothing off the bike too. With the Transit collection, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds: while cycling, you wear top-grade quality cycle gear, yet when you step off your bike you won't need to change thanks to the tasteful design.


The Shimano Transit range focuses on design, safety and comfort.

  • Attractive design
    Both the men's and women's apparel lines include shirts, polo shirts, checked shirts and blouses, windstoppers, short and long trousers, gloves, shoes and backpacks. One striking feature is the subtle design of these garments. The clothing is available in various colors and variants, but is always stylish and modest. Breast and rear pockets for instance are discreetly placed.
  • Comfort
    The clothing from the Transit range is equipped with the latest technologies in the field of sports clothing. This includes special moisture-wicking fabric, an anti-odour function and protection from the sun. The clothing is made from comfortable stretch material.
  • Safety
    The Shimano Transit line of clothing has reflective elements. These ensure that you remain clearly visible during trips at dawn, at dusk or even at night.



The Transit clothing is equipped with the latest technologies in the field of cycle clothing. These ensure the garments are safe and comfortable. The Discrete Reflectivity™ technology ensures good visibility, even during night-time. The clothing is made of UV-protective material and is treated using Silvadur. Silvadur ensures that any perspiration does not result in foul odours. The windbreak jackets have a water-repellent coating and the Transit Path Shorts and Path Pants are made of a supple stretch fabric that eases pedalling. And the gloves even allow you to operate a touchscreen. Thanks to these exceptional technical features, you can be confident not only of looking great, but also in the quality of your clothing. 


But the Shimano Transit line includes more than just garments. It has also developed three models of shoe. All shoes are suitable for SPD. The RT5 is the most sporting shoe. The shoe is done up with three Velcro strips and is also equipped with small holes that allow it to breath effectively. The RT4 is a shoe with laces for cyclists that prefer the retro look. Off-road fans will have the perfect fit with an MT3 shoe. These shoes give you a sturdy grip, so you not only cycle freely over rugged terrain, but can also walk easily across uneven or muddy ground.


One eye-catcher in the Shimano Transit collection is the Tokyo backpack. Whether you're cycling through the city or off to work, this backpack is equipped with all the features you need. It has a lined compartment for a laptop and there are several different extra storage compartments. There is also a special storage space for your helmet and the bag is fitted with a rain cover. The backpack is available in two variants: one of 17 liters and one of 23 liters.