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Rear Hubs

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Quick View FH-9000_600x450pix_v1_m56577569830920052.jpg DURA-ACE Rear Freehub (10/11-Speed) Quick View FH-6800_600x450_NPP_v1_m56577569830920044.jpg ULTEGRA Rear Freehub (10/11-Speed) Quick View FH-5800_L_01_v1_m56577569830920038.jpg 105 Rear Freehub (10/11-Speed)
Quick View FH-2400_S_600x450_v1_m56577569830873543.jpg CLARIS Rear Freehub (8/9-speed) Quick View FH-RS300_standard_1200-900_v1_m56577569831021455.png FH-RS300 Quick View FH-R770_L_F1_1200X900_v1_m56577569831053576.png FH-RS770

Rear FREEHUB for Disc Brake (12mm E-THRU Axle, 142mm O.L.D.)