Lifestyle 101
Beach Cruisers
Beach cruisers are an American classic. Strong, simple, and reliable, beach cruisers can be counted on to be there when you need them. The most stylish bikes available, beach cruisers appeal to a wider spectrum of riders than any other type of bike.

Beach cruisers are best suited to flat terrain and do not feature the high tech gizmos of many modern bikes, but this just adds to the appeal of the cruiser for many buyers. If you want to get there in style a custom cruiser may be right for you.

City Bikes
Getting around by bike is one of America’s best kept secrets. The benefits of clean air, exercise and self-locomotion are undisputable and yet passers by often pity the “unfortunate” person who rides his bike, not knowing that they in fact are the ones who are missing out.

City bikes come in various flavors from the pure utilitarianism of a commuter bicycle to the stylish and useful coffee shop bike. City bikes often use internally geared hubs, such as Shimano’s Nexus 7, and feature chain guards for riding in everyday clothing.

Ever wish you had a comfortable upright handle bar on your old 10 speed or road bike? Well, you’re not the only one. The desire for easy rolling, comfortable bikes, capable of routinely traveling distances greater than 10 miles, led to the creation of bikes called hybrids.

Part road bike and part mountain bike the hybrid is a great choice for sport touring, casual riding or commuting to work or school. Hybrids use wide range gearing and large diameter tires, wider than road tires, but smoother and faster than mountain bike or cruiser tires.

Comfort Mountain Bikes
Often called simply, “comfort” bikes, the comfort mountain bike is designed to spend much of its life on pavement. Its large tires, wide saddles and tall upright handlebars create a safe and comfortable cockpit for its rider.

With wide range gearing and powerful brakes, comfort bikes are an excellent choice for a novice or infrequent rider who choose comfort over speed.