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New SAINT Dominates Val di Sol UCI World Cup

"Aaron Gwin, last rider on the course, fastest by a lot at the first split, 6 seconds up at the second split, is he unstoppable, only a full on crash could take the win away from him now. What an amazing run by Gwin, 7.85 seconds ahead of the rest of the world at the finish, no idea how he does it, he's in a class by himself!

A huge round of healing thoughts to Cedric Gracia and Troy Brosnan who are out and in the hospital. Troy injured himself in Leogang last weekend and will be out for a bit, and Cedric had a horrific crash in practice a couple of days ago. Out of control CG went over the bars and into a tree, fracturing his femur and shattering his hip. Heal up fast guys!"

Men's Top 5:
  1. Aaron Gwin
  2. Greg Minnaar
  3. Gee Atherton
  4. Marc Beaumont
  5. Cam Cole

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