June 4 2012 | Print Print Page
Aleksandr Serebryakov (TeamType1) Wins The TD Bank Philadelphia International Championship

PHILADELPHIA - Team Type 1-Sanofi rider Aleksandr Serebryakov won the TD Bank Philadelphia International Championship on Sunday, raising his hands across the finish line first, followed by teammates Aldo Ino Ilesic right behind and Daniele Colli in for fourth.

Serebryakov, from Moscow, won the 200km race on a combination of two circuits along the Schuylkill River, up Manayunk Wall and down through Lemon Hill to a finish line just off Logan Square.

"This was my third race in America, and it was a victory on a great American team in a great American city. I can't thank my teammates and the staff enough, everything worked today like clockwork," Serebryakov said.

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