December 7 2010 | Print Print Page
Podium sweep for DURA-ACE Di2

After a very muddy UCI cyclo-cross World Cup race in Igorre, Spain, three DURA-ACE Di2 riders climbed the podium, once again proving the functionality of the SHIMANO electronic shifting system in all circumstances.

Niels Albert (BKCP-Powerplus) was the winner, taking the lead in the World Cup ranking. French champion Francis Mourey (FDJ) was the runner up and Sven Nys (Landbouwkrediet) took third.

All three podium finishers also used the new DURA-ACE C35 carbon wheels (WH-7900-C35-TU). Albert was riding a PRO VIBE handlebar and stem and also a PRO seat post and saddle. Mourey used a PRO VIBE 7S handlebar and stem and Sven Nys also chose a PRO VIBE handlebar in combination with a PLT stem.

Albert and Nys used the new top model SPD shoes SHIMANO SH-M315 with Custom-Fit technology.

Three champions, relying on a broad range of Shimano and PRO products in their aim for victory. Congratulations to all and looking forward to exciting races in the coming months!