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PRO introduces Craig Alexander Star Series aerobar

Craig “Crowie” Alexander is a world class professional triathlete from Australia. For more than a decade, Crowie has proven himself as the most versatile swimmer, biker and runner across all distances of triathlon. As one of the most respected triathletes amongst his peers and a favorite with fans across the world, Crowie hopes to add to his three world championship titles while continuing to enjoy the healthy lifestyle triathlon provides.

Craig has been riding the PRO Missile aerobar in the previous seasons with great satisfaction. This bar has proven itself in many races, and for Craig there is no substitute. When we asked Craig how we could improve the bars even more, he turned to his sponsor and bike-fitter RETUL to see how to make it even better. This resulted in a new extension-shape; the 14º S-bend TipUp. This shape enables the wrist to find a more natural position while remaining perfectly aerodynamic on the long Ironman bike rides. This modification together with a completely customized color scheme are the basic ingredients for the PRO Missile Craig Alexander Star Series aerobar.

Technical features:

Monocoque carbon aerodynamic design
Integrated brake and shift cable routing
Adjustable carbon armrests with aero index
Including black 5mm gel armrest-pads and red 10mm gel armrest-pads
Width: 42cm (C/C)
Weight: 530g

Availability in the market: July 2011


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