Power to the Pedal
Shimano invented SPD and SPD-SL. That means more Power to the Pedal for every style of rider.
More power to win.
More comfort to go the distance.
Less stress, more fun, no matter what kind of cyclist you are.

Shimano Systems Engineering = Power to the Pedal
For decades SPD and SPD-SL set standards for cycling shoes and pedals that others are still struggling to reach. Legendary systems engineered technologies and manufacturing distinguish Shimano from all its competitors. Footwear experts work directly with pedal engineers to create an optimal shoe and pedal interface that incorporates the latest advances in cycling bio-mechanics, materials design and of course efficient, durable SPD and SPD-SL systems. Designed together. Tested together. Performing, together. SPD and SPD-SL shoe/pedal combinations – with selections and price points from top to bottom -- form a single, integrated power platform. To the pro rider: optimal power transfer. To the enthusiast: faster, longer rides with more comfort. To the casual rider . . . well let’s put it this way: when things work this well together, it’s just a lot more fun.

Shimano Custom-Fit
Shimano's new Custom-Fit Technology eliminates those spaces and irregular contacts to create a racing shoe that actually does fit like a luxurious glove or a perfectly fitted ski boot. Power transfer, endurance, and overall performance spike like a podium heartbeat.

Custom-Fit Technology
Road Shoes
Mountain Shoes
SPD-SL Pedals
Power to the Pedal: From the Pro’s to YOU

Born of the Pro Tour demand for optimal power and endurance, the low-profile pedal technology has expanded to a wide range of cyclists, including competitors at all levels, sport, club and recreational riders.

SPD-SL is a road pedal platform systematically engineered with Shimano footwear to transfer more power from your body to your bike.

For pro riders the extra-wide, low-profile cleat distributes energy more evenly over a wider surface and transfers it more efficiently to the bike, under the most extreme pedaling loads. No wasted movement. No loss to flex, voids or mismatched shoe/pedal designs. It’s a core advantage that helps win races.

The same energy efficiency that powers pro riders to the podium enhances the experience of other rider categories. Increased endurance for longer rides. More comfort and fun! System-Engineered. Rider-Tuned. You choose.

Road Pedals

 Extra-wide, stable pedal platform for efficient power transfer

 Wide bearing placement for enhanced stability and load distribution

 Durable stainless steel body plate reduces flex and wear

 Quick and efficient binding entry

 Adjustable cleat tension settings

 High strength, durable chrome-moly spindle with 8mm hex recess mount

 Sealed, low maintenance bearing cartridge spindle unit

 Durable and stable cleats for convenience and walking comfort

 SPD-SL system forms a highly efficient and secure shoe-pedal interface

Extra-wide pedal platform
An almost 70% increase in surface area expands the contact point between the cleat and pedal. The net result is a solid feeling that virtually assures no lateral movement. Pedaling stresses on the sole of the shoe are dispersed over a wider area for greater comfort.

Wide bearing placement for enhanced load distribution
The Dura-Ace pedal features three sets of bearings: ball-type at both ends for symmetrical load dispersion, reduced flex and silky-smooth rotation and wide a needle-type centered under the foot to stabilize load distribution.

Quick binding entry
The near vertical pedal position angle for entry has been maximized for a faster and effortless clip-in. Entry is also simplified by a minor change in weight distribution that now positions the pedal to hang more vertically and by the large cleat entry width at the front of pedal.

Durable, reliable Shimano construction
Stainless steel pedal body covers effectively assures no lateral movement from pedal-cleat interface and virtually eliminates pedal body wear. High strength chrome-moly steel spindles set the industry quality standard; with no rider weight limitations.

Custom spring tension adjustment
Adjustable bindings allow the cleat tension to be set to each rider preference. The exceptionally secure SPD-SL binding system gives confidence during intense sprints.

Low profile design
The SPD-SL cleat design brings the foot closer to the spindle for improved stability. Sole-to-axle distance is 14.4mm. Elevated platform design maintains a high cornering angle.

Versatile cleats
Two cleat options: the standard SM-SH11 (3-degrees) and optional SM-SH10 (fixed) are available. Stable, wide, durable resin cleats with non-slip TPU tips allow great walking ability and longer durability.
System engineered
All Shimano shoes and pedals are engineered as a highly efficient and secure shoe-pedal interface. Shoes and pedals are designed to maximize efficiencies in power transfer and function.

SPD Pedals
Power to the Pedal….Comfort to the Walk

Shimano invented SPD to meet the needs of a growing frontier lifestyle called MTB. By eliminating toe-clips and integrating the pedal and outsole into a single, unified power transfer system, Shimano changed the industry; not only boosting power to the pedal, but also the rider’s control over increasingly adventurous styles of riding.

Today there’s no single MTB style, and no single SPD pedal to match. It’s all over the landscape, from fast paced XC racing to steep, rocky, wet, rooted and muddy trails. Shimano SPD pedals are keepin’ up. The legacy of “in-the-dirt’ dependability, reliability and sheer endurance continues as shoe-pedal designs evolve to meet the needs of your personal style of ride. System-Engineered. Rider-Tuned. You choose.

Mountain Pedals
 Lighter, mud-shedding, lower-profile design (PD-M980)

 Wider, stable platform w/integrated pedal cage (PD-M985)

 Open binding and slimmer axle for maximum mud and debris shedding (PD-M980/M985)

 Adjustable cleat tension settings

 High strength, durable chrome-moly spindle with 8mm hex recess mount

 Sealed, low maintenance bearing cartridge spindle unit

 Light action step-in and release

 Durable, forged and heat treated steel cleats

 SPD system forms a highly efficient and secure shoe-pedal interface