To stand still is to go backwards. That’s why PRO has developed the existing components for 2013 even further. An extreme downhill, a close sprint to the fi nish line or a technical
singletrack: we facilitate a top performance. Thanks to intense collaboration with professional cyclists, cyclocross racers and mountain bikers, PRO helps you to get ahead.
They continuously provide us with feedback, so that our components can keep on performing at world-class level.

At PRO we are well aware of the fact that each discipline has its own dynamics. And that the material should be adapted continuously due to changing demands. It’s a job that you
can safely leave to our engineers. They know that using lightweight carbon and aluminum is an extremely delicate matter. And that both materials come in numerous types and have a multitude of applications. It’s an art that they have mastered like no one else.

The 2013 collection has stepped things up. And we’re not just talking about material matters here. In this fashionable market the design of the parts has our continuous attention. In 2013 PRO introduces an updated Saddle line-up with the new models Falcon and Griffon and an updated Turnix. Next to that PRO will introduce a total new line-up for the
Star Series of the Atherton family and Thomas Vanderham. PRO also updates the FRS and added an alloy version of the Tharsis serie. All component groups uses lightweight yet
super sturdy alloy constructions. Made especially for the highly demanding disciplines of XC, trail and all-mountain riding. State-of-the-art and extensively tested material with a stylish look, just like the other collections.

PRO steadily continues on the road it has taken. No matter if it’s paved with rocks, cobblestones, asphalt, wood or mud.

PRO headquarters

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The Netherlands

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