This year we’re truly pushing the limits with a dramatically expanded line-up of the meanest and leanest mountain bike components you’ll find anywhere. Mean, because they’ll take you over the top and down the roughest trails on the other side, and lean, because they’re as light and agile as a panther on the prowl. For 2013, we were looking to complete the existing line, so we checked with our professional teams and Stars to see what was on the wish list, and then got cracking. Man did our designers deliver! Two completely new lines of hardcore components for any kind of downhill or free-ride situation you’ll ever come across: With the input of our Stars Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton and Thomas Vanderham we are covering the requirements of the world’s leading downhill and free-ride athletes, and what is good for them is certainly good for you! Besides that we have XCR cross country components to get you over the toughest trails, Koryak all mountain compo to take the pounding of all-mountain extremes, and FRS for free-riding ecstasy. With brilliant innovations, and styling details that will be certain to get you a second look - if you’re not too much of a blur. Super light, super reliable, and super rigid, so you can push the limits whenever you leave the road behind.