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The approach is simple; you work together with the World Champion and design products according to his or her needs. In this case we signed up with a team (!) of Champions who gave us input from every aspect and discipline of the downhill and 4X scene. This wide base of knowledge was like gold in the hands of our designers, and the results are stunning. At PRO, we’re truly privileged to have these living legends advising us on how to squeeze the last drop of performance out of a full range of Downhill and 4X components and accessories. The Athertons gave us their specs, and then our engineers and designers got to work on handlebars, stems, a seat post, a saddle and grips. Incredibly strong, state-of-the-art designs and materials, with loads of special touches and innovations that put them in a class of their own. Tested, approved, and signed by the fastest mountain bikers on the planet. A new twist on going ballistic!
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