Saying that you’re the best is really easy.
That’s why we won’t do it. However, we do
take pride in letting you know that five of the
most prominent professional teams choose
PRO . And that a number of renowned triathletes,
cyclocross racers and mountain
bikers have done the same. In a Tour de
France mountain stage, a sprint duel on the
track or an extreme downhill on the mountain
bike, there is no margin for errors. Both the
athlete and the material have to be 100%.
The collaboration with our partners is not all
about commercial interests. PRO works with
riders and mechanics in order to be able to
provide them with top materials. Our interest
in this is that the input from these leading
figures can make our components even
better than they already are. So that everyone
reaps the benefits - no matter if you’re
an extreme mountain biker or a recreational
road cyclist.