Corrective action - PRO Atherton Direct Mount Stem
The PRO Atherton Direct Mount Stem fulfills the NEN-EN 14766 standard (mountain bicycles– safety requirements and test methods). Nevertheless PRO has identified a potential safety issue involving this stem.

Involved serial numbers are: HH, HJ, HK, HL, IA, IC, ID, IE and IF only when equipped with front clamp bolts with a length of 18mm. Stems with these serial numbers, but equipped with front clamp bolts with a length of 21mm are OK.

In the service instructions the user is instructed to gradually and evenly tighten the bolts of the stem crosswise with a certain tightening torque. If the user does not follow up these instructions a bolt could be pulled out of the thread while riding the bike or the stem may possibly break in case of high impact (e.g. a crash). A broken stem may cause the user to lose control of the bike and fall, which may cause serious injury.

Since all PRO products should meet the highest industry standards, as a precautionary measure and in the interest of putting the safety of its consumers first, PRO decided to undertake a corrective action for all affected stems by supplying longer bolts for the front clamp of the stem.

If you have a PRO Atherton Direct Mount Stem, stop using it immediately and:
  1. check the serial number as indicated in above picture.
  • if your stem contains one of involved serial numbers proceed with (2).
  • if your stem contains a different serial number your stem is not affected
  1. check the length of the front clamp bolts as indicated in above picture.
  • if your stem is equipped with 18mm front clamp bolts, please contact your local PRO distributor in order to receive a package to replace your bolts.
  • if your stem is equipped with 21mm front clamp bolts your stem is not affected.

In case of doubts or questions regarding the assembly of the stem, do not hesitate to contact your local PRO distributor.

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