Craig Alexander takes 3rd Ironman World Title
The Big Island of Hawaii has a vibe, there is a rhythm, a cadence that increases as race draws closer. For Craig Alexander this was the exclamation point on a season that has had it ups and downs. After the recent tumultuous period with bike sponsors, Crowie set about doing two things: the first was regaining the title - mission accomplished; while the second was to prove that the move to the new sponsor, Specialized, was the right one. Again, mission accomplished.

At the line Crowie leapt for joy and then collapsed, overwhelmed by the feat of his third win and the toll it had taken on his body. He then spent a period in the medical tent after the struggle of the final 3 kilometres took their toll. A new course record also exemplified how strong his day had been. A emotional and at times teary interview with Mike Reilly revealed Crowie was in this for his family and his supporters.

For Crowie this was the complete victory. A masterpiece. To wax lyrical, Crowie simply crafted the most beautiful win of his stellar career. It answered all the questions and proved his greatness. This surely must elevate him into the best triathlete Australia has ever produced. His Vegas win, backed up with his win in Kona today was the fitting end to a sensational season. "It started with a dream. I just can't believe it," said an emotional Alexander. "I was happy to win it once but three times I can't tell you what
it feels like but three times is unreal, I can't tell you what it feels like. "This sport has given me so much. Today was the performance that I've been dreaming of."