Eurobike Award 2011 PRO CNC Minipump
The bike industry gathered again in Friedrichshafen, Germany last week for the biggest bicycle show in the world: the Eurobike. One of the highlights was the Eurobike Award 2011 price ceremony: 59 of the 430 entries from 27 countries from around the world convinced the jury of their special innovation and design quality.

One of the awards was given for the most compact product of all: The new PRO CNC minipump. This innovative pump is outstanding by its compact design (21x130mm!) with telescopic handle that allows users to pump their tires up to 8 bar/120 Psi easily.

It features a smart 55 degrees ergonomic valve head (Presta and Schrader reversible) which allows users to pump their tires without having to bend down completely as with conventional products. Durable quality is guaranteed by its Al-6061 CNC machined construction. It stands out by its state-of-the-art design with a black, sand blasted and matte finish with lasered logos. Weight is only 80 grams.
This minimpump is easy to store in the back pocket of your cycling jersey as well as to mount on the bike without disturbing the look and feel of your racer.
It has been provided with an innovative lock system with an internal magnet to make sure that the pump handle will remain closed when you don’t use it.