PRO is proud to work with The Athertons as part of their elite-group of Stars. Dan, Gee and Rachel have already proven their supremacy by dominating both the Men’s and Women’s Downhill World Championships in 2008 next to consistent top-rankings in Downhill and 4X races all over the world in the last few years with Gee's Overall World Cup 2010 Win as the pinacle. It is clear that the combined experience of these top-riders is a treasure for every self-respecting component manufacturer. By field-testing several PROtotype components during the 2009 and 2010 season they are able to provide us with their detailed comments in order to twitch and tweak the products. The final line-up is not only top notch in terms of the latest specs and materials, at the same time it looks totally amazing as well. Pick up the glove and dare your competitors, there is no more excuse.
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