The E-TUBE platform's “Plug&play” and wireless connections make it easier than ever to check the system's status, and apply customized settings to Di2 components with a PC, tablet or smart phone.


    1. Wirelessly customize functions like SHIMANO SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT over Bluetooth® while out on a ride.
    2. Automatically checks for firmware updates on each startup to ensure all components are running the latest version.
    3. PC and tablet applications can help you quickly diagnose errors and simplify the repair process. *Not available on the smartphone app.
    4. Advanced all-weather design resists rusting, stretching, and freezing


The E-TUBE platform's “Plug & play” and wireless connections make it easier than ever to check and adjust DI2 components on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. The E-TUBE project lets you customize settings of compatible electrical components, update to the latest firmware for feature improvements, quickly access important components' data, and instantly check the system's status. The E-TUBE project's cutting edge features are protected with an advanced all-weather design that resists rusting, stretching, and freezing.