SHIMANO STEPS EP8 Wireless Cycle Computer




SHIMANO STEPS EP8 - Cycle Computer - E-TUBE - D-FLY Wireless System - E-BIKE

Compact and low profile for MTB riding, the SHIMANO STEPS SC-EM800 wireless cycle computer shows the various functions of the SHIMANO STEPS E-BIKE system and can be customized through the E-TUBE PROJECT application.

  • Compact and low-profile MTB design
  • Select profile and assist modes on display
  • Rider-customizable modes with E-TUBE
  • Versatile placement
  • Interchangeable electric cable compatible with 30 mm rise handlebars
  • Removable electric wire (SD300 type)
  • Refined wireless communication
  • E-TUBE PROJECT wireless communication via smart phone/tablet
  • ANT private wireless communication with 3rd party cycle computers
  • Compatible with narrower next-gen electric wire SD300



SERIES EP8 EP800 Series
Color Standard
Average weight 41
Remarks 2 spec of clamp band diameter 31.8 and 35.0 mm. * In case of DI2 ** In combination with assist mode switch
Back Light
Inside battery
Contents of Display_Clock
Contents of Display_Assist mode display
Contents of Display_Battery charge level
Contents of Display_Current Speed
Contents of Display_Gear Position Display * X
Contents of Display_Automatic shift mode * X
Contents of Display_Maximum speed
Contents of Display_Average speed (AVG)
Contents of Display_Trip distance
Contents of Display_Trip time
Contents of Display_Odometer
Contents of Display_Estimated range
Contents of Display_Range overview
Contents of Display_Assist power indicator
Contents of Display_Error Message
Setting menu_Trip Distance reset
Setting menu_Odometer reset
Setting menu_Unit (km/mile)
Setting menu_Clock adjustment
Setting menu_Back light on/off
Setting menu_Beep on/off
Setting menu_Setting clear
Assist mode change (w/o switch unit)
Contents of Display_Cadence (rpm)
Display Change Button
E-tube connector (pcs) 0
E-tube port (pcs) 0
LCD size (inch) 1.6
Setting menu_Adjusting for shift * X
Setting menu_Back light brightness
Setting menu_Bluetooth®LE pairing
Setting menu_Light on/off ** X
Setting menu_RD Protection Reset * X
Firmware update by E-TUBE PROJECT
Contents of Display_Assist on/off
Contents of Display_Bluetooth®LE connection status
Contents of Display_Light condition
Contents of Display_Maintenance alert
Contents of Display_Walk mode display
Display Fixation
Mount position_Others
Mount position_Right on handlebar
Wireless system ANT private Bluetooth®LE
SD300 connector (pcs) 0
SD300 port (pcs) 4
SD50 connector (pcs) 0
SD50 port (pcs) 0
Setting menu_Assist Customize
Setting menu_Assist profile select


  • Shifting Lever SHIMANO DEORE XT LINKGLIDE Right Shift Lever Clamp Band 11-speed
  • Shifting Lever SHIMANO DEORE XT LINKGLIDE Right Shift Lever I-SPEC EV 11-speed
  • Motor Unit (DI2 spec.) Motor Unit
  • Rear Derailleur SHIMANO DEORE XT LINKGLIDE Rear Derailleur SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ 1x11-speed