SHIMANO E-BIKE RATED shoes are balanced and optimized to be an ideal bike-it or hike-it solution for e-bikers.
They provide a better cycling experience than sneakers or normal trekking shoes, providing longer riding comfort, superior bike control, comfortable walkability, and cycling-specific protection.
Shoes with the E-BIKE RATED mark are designed to be the perfect option for riders that want the benefits of a cycling shoe, without sacrificing walking comfort.


Longer Riding Comfort

Flexing might be great for showing off muscles, but not for pedaling comfort and efficiency. Normal sneakers and trekking shoe soles are designed for walking, not for riding comfort and performance. The more you ride, the more you’ll feel the differences that dedicated cycling shoes can make. E-BIKE RATED shoes have stiffer midsoles that prevent flexing. This acts like a more efficient lever to optimize the transfer of power from your legs through the pedals. Direct shoe-pedal engagement also helps riders go further by smoothing out their stroke and helping them maintain a consistent cadence. The bottom line is that pedaling with E-BIKE RATED shoes will get you to your riding destination more comfortably than if you pedaled with regular shoes.

  • Better Bike Control

    Better Bike Control

    Stability starts with the feet.
    E-BIKE RATED shoes improve bike control by connecting the feet more directly with the pedals. A more secure connection not only helps prevent your shoes from slipping off the pedals when wet or muddy but can even reduce upper body fatigue.

    When the pedal and shoes are not properly engaged, this instability ripples through you until it reaches your arms and upper body.

    Staying in control will help you feel better in more ways than one.

  • Superior Walkability

    Superior Walkability

    E-BIKE RATED shoes are as stable and comfortable on the pavement as they are off it.

    Designing soles stiff enough to pedal well but not so stiff to maintain walking comfort, is a balancing act that cycling science helped us solve.

  • Cycling-Specific Protection

    Cycling-Specific Protection

    E-BIKE RATED shoes are made specifically for the unique challenges of mountain, trekking and city riding. Each is made with durable yet breathable materials and features reinforced toe boxes to protect against scuffing.

    The shoes provide the protection and durability riders need to keep the focus on the ride.

  • E-BIKE RATED Cycling Shoe

    E-BIKE RATED Cycling Shoe

    Considered stiffness of sole for comfortable long riding

  • General Sneaker

    General Sneaker

    Soft sole → toe / heel deform → not comfortable for long riding