SHIMANO MTB Complete 12-Speed Lineup Delivers



Mountain bike technology has boiled over with innovation since the first pioneers ventured off the beaten path to enjoy that natural world on two wheels.  Shimano has been at the forefront of this evolution from the start, introducing the world’s first dedicated mountain bike components with DEORE XT back in 1982.  We later expanded our offering with race-inspired XTR which held nothing back in pursuit of ultimate performance and LX which sought to bring real mountain bike performance to more riders and later evolved into the SLX group.


As rider needs have rapidly evolved over the years, Shimano has been listening. We’ve responded to mountain biking demands and now offer a complete lineup of premium, performance, 12-speed groups with a multitude of options to suit every rider. Last year, XTR M9100 established the new benchmark in mountain bike components. As you’ve come to expect from Shimano, we have now cascaded our best new technology, features, and capabilities down to DEORE XT M8100 and SLX M7100



Engineered for the next generation of mountain bikes, each line of components delivers Shimano’s widest range gear options with new 1x12 and 2x12 drivetrains with both 10-45T and 10-51T cassettes. But it’s not just about range for us; the intricate advancements in the drivetrain design is critical to the group and we’re proud to offer the world’s smoothest shifting thanks to Shimano HYPERGLIDE+ technology. 




The ride-changing HYPERGLIDE+ chain and cassette interface is a fresh design that guides the chain both up and down the cassette for the fastest, smoothest, most precise shifting in both directions, even under extreme pedaling load. The difference is felt as soon as you put power to the pedal.  No more letting off the gas to shift.  No more bracing for a jolt when picking up speed and shifting to keep accelerating.  Just smooth, consistent shifts that you can rely on while you focus on the trail.


HYPERGLIDE+ relies on Shimano’s new chain design that features an extended inner link plate that creates extra holding area between the chain and gear teeth. The new design is employed at the chainring interface as well.  This increases surface area contact and reduces natural vibration normally caused by the inner and outer chain plates rolling onto the chainring.  The result is better chain engagement, stronger retention, and smoother pedaling. 





Focusing on comfort and easy access, the new RAPIDFIRE PLUS shift levers offer light and responsive operation. Shimano’s new I-Spec EV lever design features improved ergonomic adjustability which puts the controls exactly where your hands expect them to be, blending rider and machine seamlessly. For double chainring systems, front shifting is simplified with a lightweight and compact mono-lever design that shifts up and down using a single paddle.





How do you make the best even better? We further improved our legendary hydraulic disc brake system with the new lineup of XTR, DEORE XT, and SLX mountain bike groups.  A new construction features additional bracing against the handlebar to more effectively and consistently transmit braking power to the wheels.  A refined servo-wave track smooths out the lever feel and improves modulation for modern mountain bikes.  Each group offers two different brake options:  2-piston or 4-piston calipers provide the right amount of power and control for varying terrain and riding styles. 





These advancements in mountain bike technology bring the familiar performance and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Shimano. But more importantly, they enhance the riding experience to a new level by giving you more control of your bike and allowing you to shift your focus to riding harder or simply enjoying the world around you. Whatever type of rider you are, whatever types of trails you ride, Shimano empowers you to make your own choices and ride your own unique way.


Go and Make Your Mark.



Shimano's 12-Speed DEORE XT M8100

Shimano's 12-Speed SLX M7100