Ibis has its roots deep in the origins of mountain biking and their 2022 enduro team reflects just that. The team is currently ranked 2nd in the world and is led by Swedish Zakarias Johansen who improved on his 9th place overall ranking in 2020 to 7th place in 2021 and is hungry to crack the top 5 overall rankings. Long-time Ibis star Robin Wallner is stepping back from racing to take on the manager and team coach role which should further help Zakarias's goals of finishing on the podium. Joining Zakarias will be Cole Lucas and Raphaela Richter who have shown great potential in only 2 years of EWS racing. Keep an eye on this young German rider!



UCI Elite MTB Team - Enduro


2nd - EWS overall team ranking.

6th - EWS Zermatt, Switzerland: Robin Wallner

United States