11-speed compatible professional chain tool

WP-Y13098550 NEW

WP-Y13098550 NEW


    • For cutting and connecting SHIMANO 6-11 speed chains (HG-EV/HG-X/HG/IG/UG chain) & 1/2” x 1/8”(CN-NX10)
    • Deluxe workshop quality chain tool
    • Oversize ergonomic lever for increased leverage, grip and comfort
    • SHIMANO special driving pin retains the excess ring of the removed 10/11-speed rivet pin for smooth operation
    • Ball bearing between the driving pin and the axle enables handle rotation with less effort
    • Molybdenum treatment on the axle thread for smoother rotation
    • With connecting pin guide remover
    • Nickel plated
    • Supplied with 2 spare pins in grip storage compartment


  • icon_tool_nickelchromiumplating
    Nickel & Chromium plating
    Chrome plating for durability and corrosion resistance
  • icon_tool_shimanochaintooldrivingpin
    SHIMANO chain tool driving pin
    Special driving pin retains the excess ring of the removed rivet pin
  • icon_tool_rotatingdrivingpin
    Rotating driving pin
    Ball bearing supported driving pin axle reduces handle rotation effort
  • icon_tool_molybdenumtreatment
    Molybdenum treatment
    Molybdenum treatment on axle threads for smoother rotation
  • icon_tool_connectingpilotguidepinremover
    Connecting pilot guide pin remover
    Easily breaks off the pilot guide connecting pin
  • icon_tool_ergonomicdesign
    Ergonomic design
    Ergonomic design reduces stress and enables efficient power transfer


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