• Improved overall riding comfortability and efficiency
    • Smooth shifting pefromance even under high chain tension induced by E-bike motors
    • Improved ratchet design, for better gear engagement
    • Improved shifting performance and efficiency (300% improved)
    • Improvement is suitable for both E-bike and non E-bike use

제품 스펙

모델번호 SG-S7000-8
시리즈 SHIMANO ALFINE S7000/S700 시리즈
Color Silver, Black
Average weight 1680g
Bike Type_Mount Type Center Lock Type
Bike Type_Recommnended Model BR-S700
Speeds 8
Gear ratio_Total 307
Gear ratio_1 527
Gear ratio_2 644
Gear ratio_3 748
Gear ratio_4 851
Gear ratio_5 1
Gear ratio_6 1223
Gear ratio_7 1419
Gear ratio_8 1615
Shifting power modulator
Spoke hole_28H
Spoke hole_32H
Spoke hole_36H
Axle length (mm)_187
AllBrandCommon BikeType Comfort
액슬 길이 187mm
Driving efficiency HIGH
Flange diameter (mm) 1043
Flange width (mm)_Left 32
Flange width (mm)_Right 32
Gear change support mechanism
O.L.D. (mm) 135
Offset (mm) 315
Silent clutch
스포크 홀 28H, 32H, 36H

시리즈 라인업

  • Chain SHIMANO ALFINE 9단 슈퍼 내로우 체인
  • Brake SHIMANO ALFINE 유압 디스크 브레이크 캘리퍼
  • Brake Lever SHIMANO ALFINE 유압 디스크 브레이크 레버 I-SPEC B 클램프 밴드
  • Cassette Sprocket SHIMANO ALFINE 싱글 스프라켓