Shimano STEPS up with new firmware to tune its E-MTB Boost and Trail modes

Adjust your drive unit’s e-power with on-the-trail Bluetooth firmware

SHIMANO STEPS MTB (E8000) riders are set for a spur from some new firmware that allows electric mountain bike riders to tune their Boost and Trail modes with High, Medium and Low settings across three different riding styles – Dynamic, Explorer and Custom – and whilst on the trail (via Bluetooth) or at home.


This broad range of settings will allow riders to customize their e-bike support levels to meet the optimum riding styles and demands they want to make from the powerful SHIMANO STEPS E-8000 drive unit.


Dynamic mode

In the ‘factory default’ Dynamic mode, the Boost setting (the maximum assistance level from the SHIMANO STEPS MTB system) will give riders a high level of pedal assistance whilst in Trail mode, riders will get a low level of assistance (relative to that mode). Eco mode will still give the most economical battery setting and the lowest assistance level.

Explorer mode

Now a new Explorer mode gives a medium level of Boost assistance and a medium level of Trail assistance, plus Eco mode. As most e-bike riding is done at a comfortable Trail pace, this is designed to boost normal riding pace but scrub off some top end speed for more control in tight technical sections.

Custom mode

In the Custom mode, riders can programme their own preferences, so for example a rider may choose a conservative low Boost and low Trail mode to conserve battery and extend riding time, or a high Boost and high Trail mode to maximize speed.

Intuitive Trail assistance

What Trail mode provided in the Dynamic ‘default’ setting - and will continue to provide in the new Explorer and Custom settings - is to deliver you an intuitive and variable level of assistance depending on the force applied to your pedals, which is displayed by the graph on the E8000 computer display. Essentially the harder you pedal in Trail mode, the stronger the assistance you receive. It can range from low support if you´re on technically challenging terrain to a max torque of 70Nm to conquer steep inclines.


Change settings on the move

What’s more, all these settings can be adjusted and applied to the SHIMANO STEPS MTB system via the E-TUBE PC, tablet or phone app, so you can customize your e-bike ride in the workshop or on the trail like never before.

Find out more on the Shimano STEPS website here

The firmware will be available to download from Shimano’s E-TUBE website from mid-August 2017.