Shimano Overhauls E-Tube Technology, Creating Better User Experience and More Advanced Electronics Cycling Componentry


New Wiring, Redesigned Wireless Apps Debut with new EP8 E-Bike Platform


OSAKA, Japan (August 31, 2020) – For the 2021 model year, Shimano has significantly enhanced its popular E-TUBE hardware and software - key system elements of the bicycle component leader’s electronic drivetrains and e-bike platforms. These new technological advancements drastically improve the wireless app user experience while advancing the pathway for its future products. New, lighter E-TUBE wiring with higher bandwidth debuts, enabling smaller component designs to be introduced. In addition, two new SHIMANO E-TUBE apps are released with a new interface for SHIMANO STEPS and for Shimano Di2 electronic drivetrain users.


E-TUBE PROJECT app for e-Bikes

Complementing the new EP8 STEPS e-bike platform, riders can customize the settings of their e- bikes through the revamped E-TUBE PROJECT app, now allowing even greater control over how they ride. With the new EP8 platform, BOOST, TRAIL and ECO modes can be customized with ten different levels and the torque assist can be set anywhere between 20-85Nm. There are five levels of start assistance available that can be set for multiple rider profiles for different types of rides. All of this information can be saved as preferences within the rider profiles and users can easily switch between these modes through the EP8 handlebar-mounted display.


Shimano Etube app


All of these preferences can now be personalized for multiple riders on the same bike through two rider profiles, which can be conveniently selected on the display. These profiles can be customized further within the app, wirelessly, on the trail or when the connection is needed.


Beyond adjusting the assistance characteristics, riders can change profiles and also adjust other controls, such as automatic shifting settings and functions of the assist switch, like E-TUBE- enabled Di2 systems.



Riders using the latest version of the E-TUBE PROJECT app to adjust Di2 component group settings will notice an updated interface that is even easier to use. System diagnostics are identified immediately so riders can make changes immediately, and the app makes it easier to check for the latest firmware releases ensuring that bikes maintain the newest functionality.



The updated E-TUBE RIDE app can be used by e-bike and Di2 component group bicycle owners to monitor all their riding information in a smart phone display that is wirelessly connected to the bicycle. Screen display options show riding metrics in ECO, TRAIL and BOOST modes when used with Shimano STEPS e-Bike systems plus new functions including ride history, live maps and user-friendly graphical updates. The app also provides maintenance reminders.


The E-TUBE RIDE app provides the greatest benefits with SHIMANO STEPS E6100, E7000 or new EP8 systems that display and monitor riding information through Bluetooth functionality in Shimano e-bike computers (SC-E6100, SC-E7000 and SC-EM800) or in the EW-EN100 Bluetooth connector.


While the E-TUBE RIDE app has multiple benefits for e-bike riders it can also be used by riders using SHIMANO's Di2 Road or MTB drivetrains to display real-time gear and power information while riding. Navigation is possible via the app courtesy of the Mapbox base map which gives street-level detail and high-level path detail in forests or on trails. Additionally, when rides are logged on the E-TUBE RIDE app, they can be synchronized with the Strava app.



Both the E-TUBE PROJECT app and the E-TUBE RIDE app are now available as a free download from Apple iOS or Android app stores and are fully compatible with the latest SHIMANO EP8 e-Bike platform.





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