From a roughly shaped path to a sculpted flow section, from the long grades of alpine singletrack to the constant twists and turns of a river bottom trail, mountain biking’s signature is written with shovels, saws, pulaskis, and rakes. Those lines are deepened by the turn of our wheels, the digs of our pedals, and the maintenance we perform. In each case, we leave a mark, etching the history of our rides and our labor into the earth. These lines in the dirt and rock are our legacy. They represent a love of the earth and a commitment to experience it.


At the same time, each ride leaves a mark on us. Whether it’s the thrill of flying down a technical descent, the adrenaline rush of clearing that rock section you’ve been eyeing for weeks, or the sense of awe you get when looking out across the valley after the steepest climb, the mark is indelible. It’s what brings us back to the trail time and time again. It’s what allows us to escape routine while blazing new trails, both physical and mental.


Mountain bikes allow us to tap into something deeper. They help us find and maintain our rhythm or smooth the wrinkles of daily life. They allow us to challenge ourselves or to find peace within. They let us blow off steam, rage against the machine, surprise ourselves, or take in the quiet serenity around us. Mountain bikes are the mechanism to take us where we need to go, even if we don’t know where that is.


Whether the smile lines, the skinned knees, the busted knuckles, or the tan lines, mountain biking leaves a mark on us just as we do the earth. Wear them with pride as you play, send it, chicken out, race, win, lose, explore, laugh, and cry. Shimano MTB will be there for the next time you Make Your Mark.