Each version of ULTREAD is scene-optimized with specially formulated rubber compounds and sole block patterns to provide targeted performance that multi-purpose rubbers can’t match. All of our research and experience developing shoes for multiple categories taught us a lot about what’s necessary for each riding style. We combined this deep in-house knowledge with pro-rider feedback to formulate unique rubber compounds with key characteristics like springiness, tackiness, and durability optimized for each category. Pairing these scene-targeted rubber compounds and outsole patterns provides more secure pedaling and walking wherever you ride.


Durable & Lightweight

Lightweight ULTREAD XC rubber outsole delivers competition-grade grip and riding performance that last. Our MTB cross-country and cyclocross racing formulated rubber is optimally applied with lightweight outsole patterns to support performance in dry and wet conditions.

  • Specially-shaped sections of the outsole provide excellent SPD engagement and traction when clipped out of the pedals.
  • Durable scaled arch rubber reliably catches the pedals to maintain rider concentration and pedaling stability between clip-ins.
  • Hard-wearing rubber compound stands up to repeated scrapes, smashes, and scuffs.

XC902 & XC702 ULTREAD XC outsoles are thinner, lighter, and tougher.

Tear strength index

Sole Weight


Secure Pedal Grip

Gravity-optimized ULTREAD GR rubber compound and tread pattern deliver legendary pedal grip and control. This specially-formulated soft and durable rubber compound’s slow rebound qualities and grippy hexagonal block pattern improve traction by keeping the outsole in contact with the pedals over choppy terrain.

  • Contoured toe tread provides better walking traction.
  • Durable scaled arch rubber reliably catches theAngled grooves around hexagonal blocks and drainage hannels along the sides quickly drain mud and water.edals to maintain rider concentration and pedaling stability between clip-ins.
  • Raised heel texture helps absorb harsh impacts and soften heel strike.

ULTREAD GR with hexagonal block pattern improves pin catching stability and walkability with more grip than previous rubbers.

  1. Wide contact area for the pedal pins to bite into.

  2. Hexagonal pattern increases multi-directional stability.

Grip torque



Pedal/Walking Grip

Lightweight ULTREAD EX rubber outsole and pattern optimized for challenging adventures on and off the bike. Walking stability and traction are the main focus of this bikepacking and adventure cycling outsole. Its more aggressive traction pattern provides a secure grip while exploring off your bike.

  • A wider forefoot area with a chevron-shaped grip provides more secure traction and a more natural stride while walking.
  • Lightweight rubber compound and contoured toe tread provide better walking traction.
  • Raised heel texture helps absorb harsh impacts and soften heel strike.

ULTREAD EX outsoles offer secure traction for on- and off-the-bike exploration.

A larger forefoot area with a chevron grip pattern improves walking traction.

Block height inspired by trail running/mountaineering shoes for better walking performance on loose soil, gravel, roots, and rocks.

An offset heel pattern with shorter center blocks provides better overall cushioning.


Our outsole patterns and materials are also tailored for each type of riding surface, style, and course. SHIMANO off-road shoes feature highquality rubber outsoles that offer great traction on various surfaces, better grip to pedal via pins, and even higher durability. The performance of off-road shoes is also heavily influenced by the pattern and quality of the rubber outsole material. Through co-development with specialized brands, we are able to provide the best outsole for each riding style.

Better grip on dirt, mud and wet rocks.