• I cannot connect to my bike.(NM-6200)

    Refer to the following items 1 through 4 and perform necessary operations.

    1. Update the application to the latest version.

    2. Smartphone settings

    • Go to [Settings] on your smartphone and turn on the Bluetooth® setting.
    • Go to [Settings] on your smartphone and open the Bluetooth® screen. Delete the wireless unit, then connect again.
    • If your smartphone is set to silent mode, the first attempt to connect to your bike may fail. Turn off silent mode.
    • Check the OS version of your smartphone.

    If your phone is Android Ver 6.0 to 11, turn on the location information setting regardless of whether or not you use it.

    If the OS on your smartphone is not compatible, connection may fail. We appreciate your understanding.

    Compatible operating systems ( https://bike.shimano.com/e-tube/project.html#dlBlock01 )

    3. Bike configuration

    • Ensure that a Bluetooth®LE compatible model required for connection is included in the bike configuration.

    Compatible models ( https://si.shimano.com/um/7J4MW/LIST_OF_MODELS )

    4. Bike status

    • Ensure that your bike is turned on.
    • Ensure that the bike battery is charged.
    • If your bike is connected to another SHIMANO application, disconnect.
    • If your bike is connected to another device (e.g. smartphone), disconnect.

    For details on how to connect to your bike, visit the following page.

    Connecting to your bike

  • What steps are required to change the settings?(NP-6093)

    You can change settings using E-TUBE PROJECT.
    Smartphone: Wirelessly connect the bicycle to E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist. Click here for details.
    PC: Connect the bicycle to E-TUBE PROJECT Professional via SM-PCE02. Click here for details.

  • A network error is displayed when I start the app.(NP-8010)

    Possible causes are as follows:

    • Not connected to the Internet
      Connect to the Internet and start the app again.
    • Firewall setting
      When the firewall is enabled, it may take longer to connect to the Internet, resulting in an error. Tap "Latest version check" under the Help tab to check for updates or disable the firewall, then start the app again.

  • When I try to connect my bicycle to E-TUBE PROJECT, an error dialog appears and connection is not possible.(NM-5050)

    Are you using multiple instances of E-TUBE PROJECT? When in a connected state, a bicycle cannot be connected to a different E-TUBE PROJECT.
    One bicycle can only be connected to one instance of E-TUBE PROJECT.
    Close all instances of E-TUBE PROJECT and reconnect the bicycle.

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