• I cannot connect to my bike.(NM-6200)

    Refer to the following items 1 through 4 and perform necessary operations.

    1. Update the application to the latest version.

    2. Smartphone settings

    • Go to [Settings] on your smartphone and turn on the Bluetooth® setting.
    • Go to [Settings] on your smartphone and open the Bluetooth® screen. Delete the wireless unit, then connect again.
    • If your smartphone is set to silent mode, the first attempt to connect to your bike may fail. Turn off silent mode.
    • Check the OS version of your smartphone.

    If your phone is Android Ver 6.0 to 11, turn on the location information setting regardless of whether or not you use it.

    If the OS on your smartphone is not compatible, connection may fail. We appreciate your understanding.

    Compatible operating systems ( https://bike.shimano.com/e-tube/project.html#dlBlock01 )

    3. Bike configuration

    • Ensure that a Bluetooth®LE compatible model required for connection is included in the bike configuration.

    Compatible models ( https://si.shimano.com/um/7J4MW/LIST_OF_MODELS )

    4. Bike status

    • Ensure that your bike is turned on.
    • Ensure that the bike battery is charged.
    • If your bike is connected to another SHIMANO application, disconnect.
    • If your bike is connected to another device (e.g. smartphone), disconnect.

    For details on how to connect to your bike, visit the following page.

    Connecting to your bike

  • My bicycle is not equipped with SHIMANO STEPS or DI2 system. Can I use E-TUBE RIDE app?(R-5220)

    Yes, you can.
    If your bicycle is equipped with SHIMANO STEPS or a DI2 system, you can access more useful functions.

  • Is it possible to display the speed with only E-TUBE RIDE and a smartphone?(R-5210)

    Yes, it is possible. You can get the speed using your smartphone's GPS function.
    Please turn on the GPS/location information function of your smartphone and use it.
    If you use an additional speed sensor, you can get more accurate information.
    If you use with SHIMANO STEPS, no additional devices or settings are required since the speed information is acquired by the drive unit.

  • I would like to use a speed sensor or cadence sensor. Are there any restrictions on manufacturer, etc?(R-5200)

    A speed sensor, cadence sensor, or power meter can be connected. It is compatible with speed sensors or cadence sensors that support the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth®LE) communication profile*. Please check the specifications of your sensor.
    If you connect a sensor that supports the above profile but the sensor is not displayed on the list of connected sensors on the application screen, check that the sensor is displayed on the Bluetooth setting screen of the smartphone.

    For speed sensors or cadence sensors: Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile
    For power meters: Cycling Power Profile

  • I cannot connect to the speed sensor or cadence sensor.(R-6040)

    First, please check the following regarding your sensor.

    • Is it Bluetooth compatible?
    • Does the battery have sufficient charge?
    • Is it turned ON?
    • Is it in the waiting for connection status (advertising)?
    • Is it securely fastened to the bicycle?

    In addition, please refer to manuals for instructions on how to use the sensor.

    Also, when you connect to the sensor for the first time, it has to be paired with E-TUBE RIDE.
    Put the sensor into the advertising status, then tap the "Add" button on the connection screen to pair with E-TUBE RIDE.
    If the sensor is disconnected after pairing, check to see if the sensor is connected to a smartphone or other devices. Disconnect other devices if any are connected.

    For information on connectible sensors, see "What type of sensors can be connected? (R-5200)".

  • Can I operate the smartphone screen with DI2 switches?(R-5190)

    Yes, you can.
    You can use the switches to move the display screen left and right, zoom in and out the map, and start/pause the log recording.
    After setting the switch transmission in the E-TUBE PROJECT app,
    please use the E-TUBE RIDE app to set switch reception.
    Click here for details

  • Can I connect the SC-E8000 or SC-E5000 via Bluetooth® LE?(R-5180)

    The SC-E8000 has a limited communication function and the SC-E5000 does not have a communication function, so they cannot be used to connect to E-TUBE RIDE via Bluetooth® LE.

  • My wireless unit is in the waiting for connection state but does not display as an option on the connection screen.(R-5170)

    If “Bicycle" is displayed in the upper left of the connection screen, then you are in the "Connect from Mybike” screen. To switch to the wireless unit connection screen, select "Connect from wireless unit" at the center of the screen.
    If the wireless unit still does not appear on the connection screen, refer to "How to connect your bicycle" on the same screen and try again.

  • The connection between E-TUBE RIDE and the sensor ends when I go to the home screen or when I use another app.(R-5230)

    When multiple apps are open, the management system of the smartphone may engage and end communications from apps running in the background to reduce the load on the smartphone. When you return to the E-TUBE RIDE screen, the app will attempt to reconnect automatically. However, if it does not connect automatically at that time, you will need to reconnect manually.

  • I cannot connect a bicycle registered in Mybike with E-TUBE PROJECT to E-TUBE RIDE.(R-5160)

    Use the latest version of E-TUBE RIDE app.
    If you still cannot connect even with the latest version, update the wireless unit firmware to the latest version, then try again.

  • Is it possible to link the ride log acquired when a bicycle is not linked to a bicycle in Mybike later?(R-5150)

    Yes, it is. Select the ride log you want to link from the ride log list. You can select and link a bicycle from the blue gear icon at the bottom right of the ride data screen.

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