Erica Mueller

Madison, WI



Work: Social Work

Athletic Background: Bikes and winter sports

Baggies or Lycra: Lycra
Race or Ride: Ride

Post Ride Treat: Beer


Local Gravel: Wisconsin gravel is typically hard packed with rolling hills. Chequamegon National Forest has hundreds of beautiful gravel roads that you can happily get lost on for several days. 

“I'm a strong advocate for women's cycling and I’ve helped organize women's rides along with my local cycling community. It’s been great to get so many different women interested in cycling or to get those women already involved to engage with other local riders.”





Shimano Gravel Dream Build:

Orbea Terra

50/34 chainrings with an 11-32 casette

37mm tires

“Cycling brings me absolute misery and bliss and gives me reason to live and the feeling of what it’s like to be alive. I can see my front wheel spinning below me like the rhythm of music and life, moving me closer to a destination or maybe just riding to get lost; I know this feeling is only to be had by one in a state of total physical and mental balance. Never mind the relentless gnat swarms, sweltering sun and whatever conditions I might endure, I love this place I am in. Cycling has taught me a lot about being dedicated and to not give up on anything I attempt in life. I can enjoy something that is painful only to reap the benefits through body, mind and soul. You can often find that you can do things you didn’t think you were able to.” 


Erica Mueller