Junior Mendes

Los Angeles, CA



Work: Manager at Incycle Bicycles

Athletic Background: Cross country mountain biking

Baggies or Lycra: Lycra
Race or Ride: Ride

Post Ride Treat: Beer

Local Gravel: Los Angeles gravel is hard-packed and loose. Since SoCal gets little rain throughout the year, the trails offer little traction but loads of fun. There are long, winding climbs that lead to beautiful scenery as well.


Dream Ride: I lived in New Zealand for 3 years but was unfortunately unable to ride due to medical conditions. I would love to go back and explore these islands by bike now. I’d also love to ride El Camino de Compostela in Spain, a well-known walking route that could be ridden on a gravel bike in about a week.

“I am fortunate that “work” means I get to help people get out on bikes and enjoy riding. At Incycle Bicycles, we lead organize rides and host events out of 4 shop location. We work with our teams and clubs to get more people on bikes and we also work with local schools while supporting the NICA program.”



Shimano Gravel Dream Build:

Frame: Specialized S-Works Diverge

50/34 chainrings and an 11-34 cassette

33mm tires

“When I was younger and was living in Brazil, I used to ride from my town to my aunt's farm, which would take almost a full day of riding. Along the way we used to stop at every single opportunity. We’d stop at waterfalls, lakes, and rivers to refresh, then we’d stop and pick some grapes, apple, pear, bananas to eat along the way. During the ride, we’d see tons of animals like monkeys, cows, sheep, birds, lizards, horses and more. These experiences have always motivated me and showed me why I should not stay at home in between 4 walls, there is a beautiful world out there.”