Mal Nowels

Seattle, WA



Work: Mechanical Engineer

Athletic Background: Started cycling as a bike commuter and that turned into riding long miles for fun and then turned into bike racing.

Baggies or Lycra: Baggies
Race or Ride: Race

Post Ride Treat: Pizza and Rainier

Dream Ride Location: I love exploring and there are a ton of rides in South America that I’d like to try. Closer to home, I plan to ride around Mount St. Helens and the Sunshine Coast here in the PNW.


Local Gravel: Seattle gravel is made up of mostly fire roads that can be loose and rocky and usually pretty steep. Seattle also has several railroads that have been converted to gravel bike paths. 

Shimano Gravel Dream Build:

Sklar Gravel Grinder

50/34 chainrings and an 11-32 cassette

37mm tires



“I feel pretty new to the gravel community, but what I can tell so far is that it’s full of people that have a sense of adventure. It’s a laid-back group that loves to have a good time.”