Topher Valenti

Phoenixville, PA



Work: Bicycle retail manager and mechanic

Athletic Background: Cyclist from the start including cross country, observed trials, single speed, and cyclocross

Baggies or Lycra: Lycra
Race or Ride: Race

Post Ride Treat: Beer

Favorite place to ride: Riding in Costa Rica and Spain have been highlights but I think Pennsylvania takes the win for the best combination. We have nice mixed weather, tree coverage, back roads, gravel roads, good hills, rolling country side, we have it all.


Local Gravel: Pennsylvania has 300-year-old roads with private or limited housing and the roads are constantly climbing and descending. Gravel roads are sometimes loose, sometimes rocky, and sometimes gently dirt trails depending on the season or maintenance status.



Shimano Gravel Dream Build:

Trek Boone

46/36 chainrings with an 11-30 or 11-34 cassette

37mm tires

“Gravel riding has allowed so many more people to enjoy cycling because of its added safely. I’ve seen people stop riding on the open roads for safety reasons so the events and rides surrounding the gravel community are awesome because gravel provides a safer place to ride. Also, most gravel events are not "races" so it helps tone down the attitude and lower the stress level for everyone. It also gives the old-school rider a new platform to stay involved and keep it fresh.”