Shimano Corporate Position Statement on Public Land and Water Access

Shimano strongly supports scientifically based management and environmentally sustainable uses of our freshwater, marine and land based natural resources. Anglers are conservationists first and foremost and have a long history of making sacrifices for the betterment of the fishery. Mountain bikers are dedicated conservationists who work on behalf of improving the natural areas and trails where they ride. Low impact recreational uses of fish, wildlife, water and lands can be maintained in perpetuity when properly managed.

Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) and Wilderness designations should be just one tool among the choice of options available for effective natural resource conservation. Because they can be the most draconian device, use of MPA’s and Wilderness designations should be considered only after conventional natural resource management measures have failed.

As with any good fish, wildlife or land management decision, discussions about measures that restrict public access to public resources must involve an open public process, a solid scientific basis, and specific guidelines on implementation and follow up. The establishment of any MPA or Wilderness area regardless of its level of restrictions or size should:

  • Be based on the best scientific information available;
  • Include criteria to assess the conservation benefits of the closed area;
  • Establish a timetable for review of the closed area’s performance that is consistent with the purposes of the closed area; and
  • Be based on an assessment of the benefits and impacts of the closure, including its size, in relation to other management measures ( either alone or in combination with such measures), including the benefits and impacts of limiting access to : users of the area, overall fishing / riding activity, fishery or natural resource science, and fishery and natural resource conservation.

It is a long-standing policy of all levels of government in the United States and Canada to allow public access to public lands and waters for recreational purposes consistent with sound science based conservation and sustainable use management. This policy is reflected in the principles of our public wildlife refuges, forests, parks and other public lands and waters and should be considered prior to any decision to implement MPA’s or Wilderness designations which restrict public access.

This policy also reflects the right of every person to experience the natural world in a manner of their choosing, in keeping with the sustainable use doctrine and the North American model of natural resource management which has served our public lands, waters and fish and wildlife so very well for decades.