Mountain Bikes in Wilderness

Managing for Balance

Did you know that under U.S. law mountain bikes are banned on federal public lands designated as "wilderness" as well as in many parks?

Did you know that some "Big Green " environmental groups actively lobby government to ban mountain bikes from public lands and parks claiming bikes are not compatible with wild areas?

Would you be surprised to learn that in one of North America's oldest and most prestigious wilderness parks, mountain bikes and other low impact recreational uses are not only accommodated but welcome?

Wild places help to connect us to the natural world in some very profound ways.

Our urban lifestyle can cause us to forget that each of us is part of the natural cycle. The time we spend in the outdoors helps to remind us.

As more people populate our planet, wilderness areas and parks have become increasingly important - and increasingly popular.

Is there a way for wild country to remain wild while still accommodating our natural desire to enjoy the outdoors? Can popular outdoor recreational activities like mountain biking successfully co-exist with wilderness and wildlife? The answers may surprise you.

Take a few minutes to learn how one of the world's great wilderness parks is a leader in managing for balance ...

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Mountain Bikes in Wilderness