Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Conservation Heritage

You may know Shimano as a manufacturer of quality fishing rods and reels and bicycle components, but our commitment to conservation of natural resources and the future of fishing and cycling is very important to us. In 1990 Shimano Canada introduced the Shimano Sport Fisheries Initiative ( SSFI ) as the beginning of our corporate advocacy effort in North America. In 1993 we added the Shimano Cycling Initiative. Since then our first hand involvement in environmental stewardship programs, scientific research and projects benefiting anglers and cyclists of all ages and abilities has expanded to partnerships with all levels of government, other companies, universities and organizations across the United States and Canada.

For over 100 years across North America the conservation and restoration of fish and wildlife and their habitat, the development of professional science based natural resource management, the creation of parks and protected areas combined with the doctrine of wise sustainable use of renewable resources has been led by people who fish and hunt. Others have contributed to the effort to be sure, but the most active and successful advocates for conservation have been and continue to be, anglers and hunters. In recent years, mountain bikers have adapted many of these basics to trail design and riding.

The restoration of fish, wildlife and their habitat on this continent stands today as the greatest environmental success story in the history of the world. Much remains to be done, and Shimano is proud to be part of this exemplary outdoor conservation heritage.

Remember, fish and ride with tomorrow in mind. We want you to be doing it for a long time to come.

Who We Are

Team Shimano Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to advocating the wise recreational use and conservation of our natural environment for the long term benefit of our customers and for the future of our company.

While maintaining the quality of our products and our manufacturing processes, we will also continue to look for ways to improve our natural environment and maintin the health and safety of everyone at Team Shimano.

We are committed to work actively to increase opportunities for people to enjoy fishing and to ride a bike.

We strive to promote fishing and cycling as safe and healthy outdoor activities which help to teach us to respect and care for our natural world.

We are committed to promote cycling as an 'environmentally friendly' mode of transportation that can help to reduce urban traffic congestion.