Dear Valued Business Partner,


Team SHIMANO’s actions over the past months allowed us to ship a record amount of product in March and April. We are continuing to implement projects to influence our service levels.
Below is our May update.

Factory Order Delivery
We saw a record number of factory receipts in the first quarter of 2021.

However, with the continued worldwide demand on shipping capacity combined with the impact from the Suez Canal blockage, we expect to see reduced receipts through mid-June.

This article from Freight Waves does a good job outlining what the future looks like regarding imports and freight costs.

Our global supply chain team continues to work with our logistic partners to monitor and improve transit times.

Distribution Center Operations

  • With an influx of shippable products and at-once orders, we have seen an increase in shipping delays.
  • Distribution center staffing levels and hours of operation have increased to minimize this.
Order Management


  • On-demand backorder reports with expected arrival dates are now available on the B2B.


  • We will no longer display “TBD” as an estimated arrival time for orders. “TBD” will be replaced with a date range that includes month and year.
  • The CC Hold you see on your orders does not negatively affect your inventory allocation. This flag is part of an improved internal process for automatically managing orders. We will contact you if additional information is required.

Team SHIMANO members are diligently working on many other actions to improve order management and increase the level of order status communications. We will update you as these other
projects move closer to implementation.

As always, we appreciate your continued patience.

Nolan Moser
AVP SHIMANO North America Bicycle, Inc.