Valued Business Partner,

As you may have already heard, there has been a surge in Covid cases in Southeast Asia, which has prompted government officials to close businesses to try to prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, our factories in Malaysia are not exempt from these closures. We support the local government’s efforts to help protect the health of the Malay people and Team Shimano members.

At this point, team SHIMANO’s Malaysian factory operations will be closed through June 28, per government orders. At that time, the government will review the status and determine if things can open back up or will need to remain closed. The primary product impacts will be to component series below 105/SLX, Pedals, and Wheels. Other product groups may also be affected.

In addition to this, we have seen closures and or severe restrictions in some ports in China. These closures will have direct impacts on some Chains as well as Lazer helmet categories. In addition to causing additional strain on Global logistics, which has been challenged for much of this year. Link to some insights on global effects here.

Unfortunately, this pause in factory production will delay future deliveries globally, including North America. At this time, it is difficult to determine the full impact of these delays. As we get more clarity, we will update our B2B to clarify when you may receive existing backorders and new orders.

Thank you for reading. The bike industry has been relatively fortunate and benefitted from more people getting outside but has by no means been easy to manage. Thank you for your business
and continued efforts to support the new and existing cycling consumers.

Nolan Moser
AVP SHIMANO North America Bicycle, Inc.