#ShimanoGravel Ride to Washington

By Shimano Gravel Alliance Ambassador Dan Hughes

Shimano’s Gravel Alliance gathered in Washington, D.C. this October to explore the gravel trails surrounding the Nation’s capital. 




Dark clouds, chilly temperatures, and rainy conditions loomed for the weekend’s adventure but that didn’t sizzle the group’s spicy attitude and appetite for exploration. Using the new PRO Discover bike bags, Shimano’s Gravel ambassadors packed spare rain gear and a set of dry clothes before venturing out into the rain to ride from Dulles, Virginia to the Smithsonian Museum of American History in the heart of Washington D.C. 




Fully laden for a day of adventures in D.C. Everything tucked away for dry storage and yet still accessible when needed.




The C&O tow path was an amazing stretch of gravel right there in the metro of D.C - a hidden gem really. Despite the soggy conditions, the stoke level was high and the Shimano Gravel tribe was more cohesive than ever…a testament to the quality of the gear that saw us through the storm.




The PRO Discover Seatpost Bag also made for amazing fenders on the soppy gravel roads from Virginia into D.C. 




Rolling into Georgetown, it was time to take stock of how things are faring in the wet conditions: So far so good! Bags are secure and the contents are dry!




Shimano Gravel Ambassador Erica Mueller was rocking a full complement of PRO bags.




Prepping for the roll into D.C…just the essentials: Pearl Izumi rain jacket and vintage rain cap from the early days of the USPS team, Abus lock for security on the National Mall, GoPro Hero 7 to capture some video action, a foldable backpack for carrying back souvenirs, Patagonia slip-on shoes so I didn’t squish too much walking through the various Smithsonian museums, Sony A6000 camera for capturing some still images, and of course a Stanley flask for “medicinal motivation” (full disclosure: the flask was unused). All these items were wrapped up in a PRO Discover Seatpost Bag and Toptube bag…neat and tidy and most importantly dry.




On to the National Mall. The gloomy conditions made Lincoln’s Memorial all the more austere. Fitting.