5 Reasons Why You Need a Bike Fit



1. To Optimize Your Cycling Experience

No matter what type of bike you are riding and how fit you are, a bike fit will put a bigger smile on your face when you’re riding. We believe that getting the optimum comfort, performance and ultimately confidence on a bike is something that every single cyclist should do



2. To Improve Your Comfort

The main goal of a bike fit is to improve your comfort because this is crucial to riding better, longer and even faster. Most cyclists believe you need to suffer on a bike, while some people stay away from cycling because they also see it as a painful pastime. However, cycling is one of the best sports for avoiding traumas if your position matches your flexibility and your other functional considerations, and of course as long as your bike is correctly adjusted.




3. To Improve Your Performance

Whether you are a commuter or a racer, all cyclists want to ride with less effort. A bike fit will help you to be more efficient by increasing your power transfer on the pedals and by improving your pedaling stroke so you can save more energy and even beat your friends or the rush hour traffic.

During a bike fit you will learn a lot about your body such as whether you have imbalances or you’re perfectly symmetrical. Or which part of your body is flexible and which part isn’t. All these answers help us find the perfect position for you.




4. To Improve Your Confidence

By knowing exactly which size of bike you need, which type of handlebars and saddle fit you best, you will feel confident while buying a new bike or component. Also, once on your bike you will might notice your bike handling and pedaling efficiency improves for instance, which gives you more trust in your capacities to pedal, turn, brake, accelerate and jump away from the pack.


5. To Improve Your Life

Overall, a bike fit will help you to enjoy life on and off the bike. Less pain or discomfort means more riding enjoyment, with a lower chance of injuries on short or long term, keeping you geared up for experiencing more on two wheels.

Please note that in case of existing conditions a bike fit should not be a substitute for treatment by a medical specialist.