Discover the Best PRO Handlebar Tape For You



New handlebar tape not only makes your bike look great but the right type of tape can also improve your comfort and control while riding. PRO offers a wide range of handlebar tapes that differ in texture and cushioning while offering a selection of colors – including a reflective option – to keep your bike looking fresh any time of the year.


For riders who log long miles on the road or spend most of your time grinding gravel, a soft and slightly thicker handlebar tape like PRO’s Race Comfort Silicone provides added comfort. However, if you favor more direct feedback from your bike like many crit and road racers, a thinner bar tape offers more tactile feedback from the road when cornering. 




It’s also important to consider the level of grip and type of texture when deciding on new handlebar tape. Cyclists who ride in wet weather or ride bumpy terrain benefit from a sticky tape with a textured surface like PRO’s Race Comfort tape. Commuters may prefer a more supple and smooth tape that is easy to clean and is comfortable with or without cycling gloves.


The right combination of cushioning and grip can improve your riding performance by inspiring confidence while keeping your hands fresher longer. Whether you’re a road rider, gravel grinder, cross racer, or commuter, PRO has the bar tape that is right for you. 




PRO Sport Control Handlebar Tape – For Everyday Comfort

This supple, lightweight tape wraps evenly around your handlebars for a comfortable and smooth feel. Made from flexible foam EVA material, the PRO Sport Control handlebar tape soaks up small bumps and road vibrations, keeping your hands feeling relaxed long into your rides. The smooth surface is easy to clean and a gel adhesive back makes quick work of removing and replacing the tape. Cyclists who ride with bare hands or with gloves will appreciate the smooth comfort of PRO’s classic Sport Control tape. 




PRO Race Comfort Handlebar Tape – For All-Weather Grip

Combining optimal grip, comfort, and control, PRO’s Race Comfort handlebar tape is the go-to choice for all-around riding. The tape’s textured polyurethane outer material provides exceptional grip in all weather conditions while the inner microfiber layer enhances comfort for long or bumpy rides. Ideal for riding in high humidity or for riders with sweaty hands, the Race Comfort tape keeps you securely connected to your bike for added confidence and control. 




PRO Race Comfort Silicone Handlebar Tape – For Comfort and Control

For long-range riders and cyclists who roll on bumpy gravel roads, PRO’s Race Comfort Silicone handlebar tape offers extra comfort and grip that can handle the most extreme rides. This slightly thicker tape features an added gel comfort layer that soaks up small bumps on the road and insulates your hands from constant road buzz. The Race Comfort Silicon tape also delivers excellent grip thanks to its textured polyurethane outer layer. It’s the choice tape of Shimano’s Gravel Alliance members and it will keep you riding longer with more confidence and control on any road surface. 


PRO Reflective Control Handlebar Tape – For Reflective Safety

Boost your safety out on the road with PRO’s Reflective Control handlebar tape. This comfortable microfiber tape features a reflective lining that wraps around your handlebars and shines brightly in a car’s headlights. The soft, supple tape offers superb grip for all-weather riding and it is extra durable for regular and rigorous use. Whether you’re a committed commuter who rides before dawn and after dark or you simply want an extra touch of safety, PRO’s Reflective Control tape will help you be seen out on the road.  


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