Feet First - Downhill Pros on Their Shoes & Pedals

We've talked with downhill pros Brook Macdonald and Matt Walker about their personal shoes and pedals preference. Watch the video to learn more about what the top downhill racers look for in a shoe and pedal.


Brook MacDonald of the Mondraker DH Team rides the AM701 and likes how comfortable the shoes are right off the bat. The combination of the shoe and the PD-M820 shoe keeps him worry free on the DH course. 




Matt Walker of the Saracen Downhill team likes a really stiff shoe, and chooses to race in the AM901. Matt likes to run his pedals as tight as possible, and likes the extra security of the PD-M820




Gravity Footwear

Our AM shoe program is focused on providing maximum control and confidence. All AM series footwear is fine-tuned for the unique demands of gravity riding.



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