Fitter, Faster, Greener and Happier with an E-Bike

At last… Spring is in the air once again! The days are getting longer and we're spending more time outdoors. What's more pleasant than cycling along with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair?


Cycling is more popular than ever, and the e-bike has made a major contribution to this biking revolution. E-bikes enable cycling fans to cover even greater distances, regardless of weather conditions, the fitness of the cyclist or the terrain they're cycling on.

Are you thinking about buying a new bike, and are you considering an e-bike? Shimano would love to tell you more about the e-bike and all the many benefits an e-bike offers you.

But What is an E-Bike, Exactly?


An e-bike looks like a normal city bike, trekking bike or mountain bike. Contrary to what some people seem to think, an e-bike is not a bike that you don't need to pedal. An e-bike just supports you as you pedal. It gives you a little extra push, as it were. This makes cycling lighter and easier, in both the urban and the rural environment. This means you can cover greater distances with less effort and enjoy your trip even more.

The Benefits

Are you considering getting an e-bike? Here are some strong reasons for buying an e-bike:

  • Cycling is very healthy. The e-bike is a healthier alternative to the car and adds an extra sporting dimension to your lifestyle. You get the exercise you need, and that's great for your body. The more you use your e-bike, the fitter and healthier you'll feel.
  • An e-bike makes it a lot easier to cover larger distances. Do you struggle to keep up with your friends during cycling trips? Or can’t you cope with longer distances? Or maybe you're fed up with arriving at work all sweaty? Your new e-bike will help you cover larger distances with ease so you arrive at your destination as fresh as a daisy.
  • Cycling with an e-bike feels like cycling with the wind in your sails. Thanks to the pedal support, it's much easier to attain higher speeds with less effort than with a normal bike or mountain bike. This means you arrive at your destination faster.
  • If you are already a keen cyclist, you know one thing for sure: cycling makes you happy. Research suggests that people who cycle regularly have less stress, sleep better at night and even enjoy a more upbeat mood.
  • Is the environment important to you? Then an e-bike is a great choice. Leave you car on the drive and you'll save not only money, but also CO2. Cycle to work from now on and you can wave goodbye to those miserable traffic jams. Contributing to the environment while enjoying nature's beauty - what more could you want?

Which E-Bike Suits My Needs?

Are you convinced? Then let your search for the ideal e-bike start now. Various types of e-bike are currently available. The one that best suits you really depends on your style of biking. There are e-bikes for every type of terrain. Whether you live in a flat state or a hilly one, there’s a bike for every cyclist that provides pedal support.

Shimano STEPS


SHIMANO STEPS is the most advanced e-bike system on the market. Bike dealers call Shimano ‘the best manufacturer of e-drives’. With options like walk-assist, start mode and the possibility of automatic gear shifting, Shimano sets the standard in the bike branch.