How to properly install your Shimano Quick Release

Important safety reminder about Shimano's Quick Release lever:

Proper Installation of Shimano’s Quick Release

Shimano’s User Manual has contained the following instructions on how to properly install its quick releases.

■ Important Safety Information

Guidelines that require replacement, contact the place of purchase or a bicycle dealer.

Quick release lever position for rotor compatible hubs

• Install the quick release lever to the rotor as shown in Figure 1 , and then fully push the quick release lever to the CLOSE position and check that it does not interfere with the rotor. If the quick release lever interferes with the rotor, install it on the opposite side to the rotor.

• When the quick release lever is in CLOSE position, the lever should be in parallel position with the fork (refer to Figure 2a ) or face toward back of the bicycle (refer to Figure 2b ) in order to prevent foreign objects such as tree branches from getting stuck during the ride, which can cause the quick release to open and cause the wheel to release unintentionally from the fork.

• Furthermore make sure that the front fork does not interfere with the quick release lever. If the front fork obstructs the quick release lever so that the wheel cannot be secured properly, the wheel may fall off the bicycle during riding and serious injury may occur as a result.


  • After reading the user’s manual carefully, keep it in a safe place for later reference.


  • Be sure to operate the quick release lever by hand only. Never use any other tool such as a hammer to tighten the quick release lever, as this could cause damage to the lever.


  • Products are not guaranteed against natural wear and deterioration from normal use and aging.
  • For maximum performance we highly recommend Shimano lubricants and maintenance products.

What is a Quick Release?

It is a mechanism that uses a single quick release lever operation on the hub to enable the wheel to be easily installed and removed.

Quick Release function

When the quick release lever is brought to the closed position, the lever nut moves inward. The force of this clamps the wheel to the frame and holds the wheel securely in place.


Adjusting the clamping strength

The clamping strength is adjusted by turning the adjusting nut. When the nut is turned in a clockwise direction, the clamping strength increases, and when the nut is turned in a counter-clockwise direction, the clamping strength decreases.

Adjusting the clamping strength

Suitable dimensions of the fork end

Be sure to use only fork widths with suitable dimensions.

  • Front: Cannot use fork thicknesses less than 4 mm. For Dura-Ace and 600 Ultegra: not less than 5 mm.
  • Rear: Cannot use fork thicknesses less than 5 mm. For Dura-Ace and 600 Ultegra: not less than 6 mm.
Suitable dimensions of the fork end

You can find the words "OPEN" and "CLOSE" on the Shimano quick release lever. Please make sure that the lever is fully pushed to the “CLOSE” position. Turning the adjusting nut will enable you to use the proper tightening torque (clamping strength onto the bicycle frame). Please take the necessary time to apply the clampingstrength that allows you to push the quick release lever the “CLOSE” position.

Detailed information can be found at (for UM-3000H-003).


• This wheel is equipped with a quick release hub to facilitate installation and removal. Failure to properly install this quick release hub (wheel) onto your bicycle may cause the wheel to become detached from the bicycle while you are riding and result in serious bodily injury.

• Use a front fork which is equipped with a wheel retention mechanism.

• Before use, carefully read the quick release service instructions in your owner's manual. If you have any questions, ask your dealer. Improper hub installation can result in serious injury. 

If you are interested in how Shimano’s quick release levers work, please read the illustrations below.

■Mechanism behind Shimano Quick release lever

Closure process

Mechanism behind Shimano Quick release lever